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What is Byrka?

Byrka is a clothing brand that meets the needs of dressing women in a comfortable way with fashionable details. Outfit silhouettes are the central focus of the line: highlighting the female figure while taking into account the diversity of bodies.

Byrka offers basic garments that when combined can add a stylish twist to a classic outfit. All fabrics incorporate stretch, giving them all-day comfort.

Who is behind Byrka?

Karla Ortega is the woman behind BYRKA. Karla has worked in the fashion industry for 20 years. During her time in the fashion industry she has discovered the importance of the female silhouette, emphasizing the attributes of each type of body and correcting with pattern making techniques the details that each woman wants to omit. It is important that each woman feel confident in herself to project herself the same confidence to the world.

What does Byrka mean?

Byrka is a combination of Karla's mother's name and her own name. Before her passing, Karla's beloved mother stood by her through all of her accomplishments. With Byrka, her mother's memory lives on.